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Egypt Today, egypt today November23rd-December21st

January 1,2018
Despite being naturally adventurous, you’re reluctant to embrace change in the New Year. It’s possible the festive season left you feeling tired and depleted. The idea of accepting a fresh challenge makes you anxious. Put your fears aside and change course. A passionate romance, personal transformation or financial windfall is yours for the asking. Spend a few moments imagining that your dearest wish has come true. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Channel the power of Hogmanay. 
Weekly Horoscopes
Frustrations at home are affecting your work. It's important to find a healthy outlet for upsetting emotions. Exercise and creative projects will restore the balance you desire. Your social life is a source of profound pleasure. Take this opportunity to attend as many parties as possible. Meeting new people and discussing current events will bring out the best in you. When you are tired and discouraged, resist the urge to stay home alone. Go out, mix and mingle.
Predictability in relationships and in life makes you restless. You quickly grow bored with routine. That’s why you’re intrigued by someone who is keeping you curious and guessing. Relationships are complex, fun and stimulating. You will enjoy getting together with people you haven’t seen for some time and exchanging ideas with intelligent people. Single? Someone behind the scenes has their eye on you but they won’t make themselves known to you until later in the month, so for now, you can only keep guessing at their identity.
January 2018 Horoscope
The opening days of January will be lucrative for you, thanks to an enriching Full Moon on the 2nd. You could receive an insurance refund, legal settlement or royalty payment that allows you to fund a dream project. Starting a charity, making a film and going on a spiritual pilgrimage are among the possibilities. The New Moon on the 17th further increases your financial fortune, thanks to a handsome job offer. This well-paid position will allow you to supply the public with goods and services that make life much more pleasant. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse could mark the end of a prolonged period of study. Getting a license, degree or diploma will give you a greater measure of freedom. Taking a prolonged trip will be a great way to celebrate your newfound freedom. It will be so much fun to go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about tests, papers and reading assignments.



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SAGITTARIUS (November23rd-December21st)

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SAGITTARIUS (November23rd-December21st)
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