7 secrets to a big orgasm
Last Updated : GMT 11:59:16
Egypt Today, egypt today
Egypt Today, egypt today
Last Updated : GMT 11:59:16
Egypt Today, egypt today

7 Secrets to a big orgasm

Egypt Today, egypt today

Egypt Today, egypt today 7 Secrets to a big orgasm

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Believe it or not, but achieving an orgasm is not as common a phenomenon as the act of love making. Yes, the Big O is an alluring experience that millions of women struggle to attain on a regular basis. Whether you're keen to learn how to achieve an orgasm or whether you simply want to experience greater sexual satisfaction, we bring you real life moan-and-groan mantras of women from all walks of life, along with expert proficiency. Here's the ultimate ''orgasm guide'', which is completely devoted to seeking the most erotic pleasure... Stop thinking about it "I started concentrating on when and how to climax to coordinate with my beau. My deliberate efforts had such negative impact that getting an orgasm turned into a damn squid or a 'once in blue moon' situation. I discussed the problem with my gyne and she advised me to take things easy and go with the flow. Getting all worked up and stressed-out spoils the climax," shares 32-year-old Kavita Bohra. Kavita's funda: Keep your mind in the moment and feel rather than think - it will make climaxing much easier. Expert talk: "Stop thinking of sex in a sequence. Sex doesn't actually have a start, middle orend. You could orgasm during foreplay or via a quickie against the bathroom wall. All orgasms are great; thinking of them as brilliant or boring merely puts pressure on us. The trick is not to strive for something better," shares sexologist Dr. Renu Rai Play it out! "Getting over sexual taboos considerably transformed my sex life," quips an excited Mandeep Kaur Dhaliwal. The 27-year-old architect adds, "For instance, the very idea of watching porn use to freak me out. But then my boyfriend cajoled me to give it a shot just once and it miraculously spiced up our sex life. Not only did I experience amazing orgasms, but I realized that watching porn didn't make me a bad girl." Mandeep's funda: Don't be scared to experiment - you never know what might rock your sexual world. Expert talk: Dr. A. K Singh suggests, "Don't restrain yourself. Imagine doing salsa without swinging hips; no fun, right? That's what aiming for an orgasm is like, if you don't loose yourself a little. If an act doesn't do it for you sexually, don't try it again. But if it does, congratulations, you have just opened the door to many more orgasmic possibilities." Monogamy pays! Sudeshna Chatterjee, a 29-year-old communication manager reveals, "Ever since my boyfriend and I got married and started living together, I'm having orgasms 85 per cent of the times, compared to our dating days where I used to climax around 40 per cent." Sudeshna's funda: Experience pays as you get familiarised with each others' moan zones and are thus more than willing to explore newer ones. Expert talk: Dr. A. K Singh explains, "On the basis of my interaction with my clients, sexually successful women insist that sticking to one man results in exceptional payoffs. Over a period of time, your partner can master your quirky curves and the art of making you climax." It's all about the position "I think great sex is all about angles. The days we are really tired and in not mood to experiment, sex is merely okay. But when we have all the time (and just the right mood), we experiment with new positions and needless to say, end up having the best climax of our lives." shares sales manager, Deepshika Verma. Deepshika's funda: Don't be afraid to try new things, you'll be surprised how many new sensations you both can experience. Expert talk: "There's no denying the fact that with each position, the sensations change. The Kamasautra, which is the ultimate guide of lovemaking, elaborates on this science. Some positions focus chiefly on the clitoris, others are great for G-spot indulgence and then there are some that do wonders for emotional intimacy. The best part is that even if you are a novice and lack such creativity, ample literature is available on the Internet and magazines to guide you better," explains sex therapist Dr. Simridhi Siddique. Alternate orgasm therapy Mona Dave, a 30-year-old boutique owner, states, "Ninety per cent of the times, I could only have an orgasm through oral or manual stimulation - never through regular sexual intercourse. I firstly thought something is wrong with me. But now, it's a normal occurrence. My partner has accepted it and now we indulge in lot of such acts that can make me reach an orgasm." Mona's funda: If a certain act has rocked your arousal level and triggered a sensational orgasm once, include it in your subsequent sex sessions. Expert talk: Dr. Renu Rai shares, "Intercourse is a great way to get pregnant, but you can't categorise it as the most efficient way to reach orgasm. If you desire more than one orgasm, my best tip is to use different forms of stimulation, otherwise you get desensitized." Explore yoursel Pooja Sanwal made it all the way to the age of 29 without ever experiencing an orgasm. She tried and tested myriad ways, but nothing worked. She finally consulted Dr. Jawahar Batra and decided to take the matter in her own hands. "I went to my room, closed the door and took my time exploring my body. Even though I didn't exactly go over the edge during the session, I felt like - I now know how to make it happen." shares Pooja. Pooja's funda: Discover what works for you and without any inhibition communicate the same to your partner. Expert talk: "Know what works for your body. Practice stimulating yourself and then share your newfound knowledge with your partner or give him instruction when in bed." says Dr. Jawahar Foreplay your way Admit it, the female orgasm isn't a push-button response. "Sex was nothing more than a sad, painful experience till the time we understood that foreplay is the most important part of lovemaking. Most men (like my husband) love to believe that the female body is composed of only one spot that calls upon a mind boggling, orgasmic experience. This however is so untrue," chuckles 26-year-old, Vanshika Rastogi. Vanshika's funda: Make your man understand that there are multiple erogenous spots in a woman's body which can invoke a pleasurable and intense female orgasm. Expert talk: Dr Simridhi Siddique elucidates, "A woman can achieve several orgasms during foreplay alone, if done the right way. Invest as much time as possible in foreplay and arousal. An aroused state of mind is usually followed by a multi-orgasmic experience and she will definitely love you more for this success. Read as many books as possible on foreplay and study all the techniques."


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7 secrets to a big orgasm 7 secrets to a big orgasm

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