instil reading habits in your children
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Egypt Today, egypt today
Egypt Today, egypt today
Last Updated : GMT 11:59:16
Egypt Today, egypt today

Instil reading habits in your children

Egypt Today, egypt today

Egypt Today, egypt today Instil reading habits in your children

Children reading
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The benefits of reading are multifold. Time and again research has shown that children who read for pleasure have better vocabulary, writing skills, and general knowledge. They also have increased concentration abilities, better focus, and sharper memories. There are even studies that link reading to increased creativity. Needless to say as parents we have a responsibility to make sure our kids enjoy reading.

For those of you who have younger children it’s a great time to start. Right from toddlerhood, children can be trained to appreciate books. Here are a few tips to get you going: 

Fun books: Use books with plenty of illustrations. Toddlers and young children love plenty of pictures and colours. So load up on some zany board books, pop-up books, open-the flap activity books, and touchy-feely books. Children love to interact with the books and it really gets them excited.

Cuddle time: Hold them close when it’s reading time. Let them cuddle in your lap and associate reading time with warmth, security and closeness. Create a cosy reading environment. Research has shown that children who have been read to from a very young age generally show increased confidence when asked to read aloud at school.

Point out the obvious: Tell them everything, from who the author is to how words form sentences and how sentences are read from left to right and so on. Don’t assume that they know what we know. It’s a new experience for them so let them get to know it from the grassroots. Point out things and ask them about it.

Questions galore: Encourage them to get involved in the story or activity. Reading is not a passive thing. Let them pepper you with questions, Who? Why? What? Follow your child’s lead. Reading should be an enjoyable experience and not a chore.

Real-life stories: Relate what you are reading to real life happenings. For example if you reading about someone going for a picnic, talk to your little one about the time you went for a picnic to Shatti or Jebel Sifah.

Make it interesting: Reading should not be a boring exercise or a punishment. Use it as an opportunity to let your hair down. Imitate characters or talk in funny voices that will surely bring out a laugh or two. The idea is to keep your little ones totally engaged and for them to associate books with fun.

Routine: Make reading a part of your daily routine. Maybe it could for 15-20 minutes after their bath in the evening or even before bed. But if you are consistent then your child will be used to snuggling down with a book from a very young age.

Respect their choices: Even from a young age children will begin asserting their personalities. If your child likes the textured book let him read that one over and over again, it doesn’t matter. They will have more fun if they pick what they like rather than follow your lead.

Quality books: Don’t know what books to pick up? Don’t worry, there are plenty of reading lists available online which will help guide you.

Set an example: The first thing you can do is to start reading yourself. Start with whatever you have at hand - newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, book reviews. Share your reading experiences with your child. Discuss an interesting article you have read in today’s editorial or ask them what they think about the latest exploits of Messi or Ronaldo.

Visit the bookstore or library together: Visit a bookstore and spend some time browsing. Encourage your son or daughter to open a book and just flip through the pages, he may find something that catches his eye. You can even find lovely books at yard sales, exhibitions, and charity events for a bargain.

Pack a book: Carry around a book when you are going for a picnic or even a house visit. Your child may actually prefer to disappear between the pages of a book rather than hear a few adults talk boring stuff.

Share the experience: Read together and discuss the book light-heartedly. Gift them books for birthdays and other festivals and encourage others to do so as well. Find other children with similar interests and swap books with friends.

Books galore: Make your home a ‘reading home’ with shelves of books in your room and children’s rooms. The more books they see the more likely they are encouraged to read.

Join the e-book revolution: Children love all hi-tech things — iPads, smartphones, tablets. Invest in a Kindle or any other ebook reader or just download an ebook reader app on your iPad or tablet. Buy their books online and let them feel cool reading it from a snazzy tablet or Kindle rather than an old book. Move with the times.

So parents, no more excuses to crack open that book on your shelf today and get your child reading.

Source : Times Of Oman


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instil reading habits in your children instil reading habits in your children

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